6 Practical and Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your New Online Store


You Launch Your Online Store Only Once – Be Sure that You Make Everything Necessary

The eCommerce business sector is growing daily. This is why it is attracting both IT professionals and newcomers constantly. New online stores emergeevery dayy as creating one doesn’t require any specific programming or marketing knowledge. Nevertheless, in order to be profitable, you need to be careful about a number of things.

Driving traffic to your online store is probably the most important factor for a successful business because you need visitors in order to get sales (simple as that). Even so, driving traffic is absolutely critical at the moment of your store launch as it happens only once. As a prosperous marketer, you want to build that needed hype and squeeze as much attention as possible around the opening of your online store.

As important as this is, we are aware that it may be difficult for newcomers in the field. This is why we’ve carefully selected 6 practical and proven ways to drive traffic to your new online store for your usage.

We’ve been in the field for quite a lot of time, worked on some very successful eCommerce stories and know what practices really work. Follow our 6 advices, drive traffic to your services or products and generate new customers!

Send Free Samples to Instagram Influencers

Instagram has walked a long and successful way since its launch in 2010. Starting as an image-aimed social media it is now a powerful marketing tool that nobody underestimates. The power and impact of this tool created the modern “Influencer” profession.

Being an Instagram influencer is a dream job nowadays and the influencers are truly popular among the public. They have millions of followers that adore them and adopt their ways of life and preferred products – and this is where companies use their influence (as the word suggests).

Drive traffic to your store with the help of a popular influencer. As a start, search for the top influencers in your product’s area. You can conduct this search manually or save some time by using a tool like WEBSTA. Send an email or an Instagram message to the top influencers that you feel close and ask them if they are interested in promoting your product. Offer them a joint campaign and send them some free samples that will be included in their posts. Some of the biggest names will probably want even some payment, so don’t be surprised if this happens. If the desired Instagram influencer likes your product and ideas, be prepared to be featured /tagged in some very creative posts.

Reach out to Bloggers and Press

Another group of online-popular people that can be reached, for the sake of your store’s promotion, out to are the bloggers and vloggers. Their impact is quite similar to the influencers’. Most probably they are popular among a specific public and their faithful audience adopts their product and life preferences.

Search for keywords that are connected to your product in Google or Youtube and find popular people that may suit your needs. For example if you are offering a new vegan product, search for people that promote this type of living and eating, and share information about vegan cuisine.

Contact them in a friendly but strategic manner; let them know your intentions and how exactly you expect them to help you.

Another way of driving traffic is communicating your store launch information to the press. Prepare press releases that can be directly published. Don’t aim big here, as big newspapers will probably not feature you just for the sake of it. You should target local or specific type of media and contact them with short and concise information. Explain them what is your aim and how are you different from the competition.

Post your Store Info to Reddit

Reddit is another popular platform that is read and respected by a huge amount of people. The main page includes the most popular topics but there are thousands of Reddit sub-forums, called Subreddits. Some of the general subreddits that might help you in driving traffic to your ecommerce and should be definitely checked are:

The /r/entrepreneur subreddit has around 80.000 subscribers and includes valuable answers to common business-related questions. Another general business thread that includes helpful information is /r/smallbusiness.

The next thing you want to do is to search what are the popular subreddits in your niche and post information about your upcoming ecommerce. If we continue our example with vegan cuisine check /r/vegan and /r/veganactivism as they seem quite popular. Have a discussion with peers, learn from their habits and try to promote your online store. Our advice is to keep your posts short, containing only the essential information. Be aware that some subreddits prohibit self promoting posts and you don’t want to make any reddit mistakes – believe us!

Get Friends and Family to Share Your Info

If there is someone you can always trust – this is your family and some of your best-est friends. They are the people who have to support you all the time, so don’t be shy to call in a favor. Your family will probably know that you will launch an online store, but you are the person who has to explain them how they can actually help you. Instruct them on how to share your social media posts and website, and tell them how to explain your business intentions to their closest people.

With your friends this is the moment when you will separate the true friends from the fake ones. The first group will love to help you and will even show initiative, while the second group will be irritated if you’re even slightly pushy and will think of an excuse. Reach out even to people that you don’t hear very often, after all – you don’t open a business every day. Let them know how you feel about this project and how important it is for you.

Pro-actively Engage on Twitter

Twitter is another popular social platform that you should definitely include in your marketing strategy. Use Twitter prior to officially opening your online store. Try to get as much followers as possible in the beginning. This can be achieved by follow-backs from people who might be interested in your business. If we continue our vegan cuisine example, search for keywords and users that promote the vegan type of living. This can be achieved manually or via tools like Followerwonk. This group is very supportive in general and you should have success if your product is good.

In order to be fortunate in this step you need to post clever content and high-quality images. The tastier everything looks – the better. Your tweets need to add quality to these related keywords – this is how you’ll be able to stand out. Use Twitter wisely and you’ll add some more traffic prior to launching your online store.

Write a Blog Post Featuring People with Audiences and Send it to Them

In addition to asking people to help, you can write some bigger blog posts where you reach out to popular people. You don’t always have to send free samples and hope that influencers will feature you – feature them first! Write a story about a popular person and send it to them via email or any other social media.

For example, write a blog post about the most popular vegan influencers and paste direct links to their profiles. That way you can include more than one communication medium. Tell them that you like their work and just wrote an article full of appraisal. Ideally, try to mask your real intentions and make them feel flattered. That way they will want to pump their ego and share your blog post. This is just how the human ego works.

Driving traffic to your online store is a must if you want to stay in the business and gain profit. The most important time for this is around your store’s launch. We saw that this is not an easy task but with our 6 practical and proven ways to drive traffic to your new online store you have a working checklist and directions how to act on each step.

Don’t be negligent – be creative! After all, this has been your long awaited dream – don’t leave your success to chance. Use our expertise in your favor and let your peers and colleagues know that you offer a good product and they miss by not trying it out!