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Project Description

We must admit that we are not such big specialists on every project topic that we work on. Sometimes we take upon projects that are totally different from our line of work and interests, and finishing this job requires a lot more time for preparation. We meet with the clients as much as needed, we read a lot about the topic and we polish the details until everything is completed successfully. We believe that this is what it means to be a true professional.

Emperor Stone is a South Australian company, the biggest manufacturer and retailer of engineered stones in the Adelaide area. They sell customized tiles of different materials like Granite, Caesarstone®, EssaStone®, SileStone®, SmartStone®, Quantum Quartz® and Marble. They provide a wide range of colours that are different for every material. They pride themselves with their high quality, exclusive taste in colour selection and advanced cutting tools.

For our clients from Emperor Stone we developed a custom WordPress design that suits the style of their business values. We created all the needed website content, and took upon their digital marketing activities.

We finished this project relatively soon but we already have some good responses. We wish success to Emperor Stone and hope to work together again!


Creating a custom WordPress design and developing the pages in accordance with the products was a bit of a challenge for us because we wanted to provide the best UX experience possible. We also had to focus on the premium features of their offerings and it took us some time to clear up the appropriate customer approach.


We wanted to point out that the product that Emperor Stone offers is unique and of premium quality. This was possible only after we knew their business aim and their offerings. Covering the big variety of products they offer was kind of a difficult task, but we believe we’ve included the right keywords that will intrigue every prospect client.


The Emperor Stone products are of high quality and suitable for both – house owners or designers, and building professionals like architects or contractors. In the web design world these types of clients would represent two different target groups. We had to think of a way to tackle the preferences of both general groups and believe we managed well.

The Process

Our experience in the field taught us what the vital steps for successful execution of this project are:

Emperor Stone


You can see the result of our work in concrete statistics for Emperor Stone bellow: