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We want Only the Best for Our Kids!

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Project Description

We enjoy working on children-related projects and our effort for Jolly Kidz was a typical example. We were appointed to do most of the web and marketing work and it was a real pleasure.

Jolly Kidz is an Australian owned company that is selling high-quality toys online and particularly – scooters for kids. The company founders wanted to offer a product that promotes physical fitness and playing outside. The scooters are safe, fun and their quality build is admirable. Jolly Kidz’ product is encouraging children to interact with each other in a healthy environment and what is more important than that?

Their micro scooters are offered in different colors; all of them have a reinforced brake, a textured deck and are adjustable in height. Their wheels have integrated LED lights that light up when in movement. We worked with Jolly Kidz on their custom Shopify theme development, provided eCommerce consultancy and helped with SEO and Adwords improvements. In addition we designed the company logo and created their Social Media pages.

We are proud with our work for Jolly Kidz because we helped a good cause. As family people we want the best for the future generations, and fresh air and exercise are the most important factors.


Offering toys has some important specifics that have to be brought up. The challenge in this case was to show the parents that this is a totally safe way of having fun. Our content writers studied the products and talked with their creators to point out the main safety features, while still showing that these scooters are all about laughter and good child memories.


The toy market is enormous in size and in order to be successful and recognizable, a business needs to find the specific niche where demand still exists. We decided to call attention to the uniqueness of their product via Social Media posts, SEO improvements and Adwords campaigns. This is why we created a custom Shopify theme for their eCommerce.


We know that the founders of Jolly Kidz are fighting for a good and healthy cause and we wanted to point out just these features. This is why we concentrated a lot of recourses in writing the needed marketing content. People are forgetting about the beauties of the outside world and we wanted to focus on these healthier options.

The Process

Our experience in the field taught us what the vital steps for successful execution of this project are:


You can see the result of our work in concrete statistics for Jolly Kidz bellow: