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Project Description

Living in the era of Internet is a true blessing as it really makes our lives much easier. Information can be shared freely with the whole world and we can easily find anything that we want with just a couple of clicks. The challenge now is to pack as much useful information as possible in one place.

As we said user experience is a topic that we adore and want to work towards its advancement. With School Gateways we aimed just that as it is a portal connecting clients from all around the world with all the needed information and contacts for a successful trip.
The thing that separates School Gateways from other trip portals is that they do not add any extras to the booking cost. They are a fictitious middle man because they connect the client directly to the advertiser without any commission. In addition, they provide special offers to students and various interesting school relocations.

We created a custom WordPress design and did all the needed web development tasks. We also wrote the content that was missing and provided digital marketing consultancy. We wanted to improve this project so that its services can be accessible to more people over the globe.


The real challenge was around the launch, because School Gateways works with concrete advertisers and we had to introduce our idea to these advertisers. We all know it is hard to win clients for a totally new business, but we managed via some clever marketing methods and the portal is online more than 10 years now.


Social media is important for our users and we value their feedback. As we had many enquiries on the matter we decided to add direct links to the social media page of each entry. Thus users can directly check their account and search or contact them with any inquiries, if information is missing in our listings.


As the name suggests School Gateways is a portal aimed at children and family activities, so we had to make everything very intuitive and user-friendly. This is easy with Katrine (the owner) as she is always striving for the best user-experience. For example we’ve included a backpack section, where the user can store favorite locations for future plans.

The Process

Our experience in the field taught us what the vital steps for successful execution of this project are:


You can see the result of our work in concrete statistics for School Gateways bellow: