Tourism services – the way they should be!


Project Description

As a company settled in Australia we are trying to help other Australian companies and promote their services with the rest of the world. Tripcio is an interesting travel project that is just beginning its professional path.

Tripcio is a portal that will lead customers, not only to the biggest companies from the Australian tourism sector, but to small and medium-scale business owners as well. That way Tripcio aims to deliver the best possible experience to any visitor of the country because the best doesn’t always mean the most luxurious and famous. Once the client selects the desired destination he or she will be able to browse through a selection of the finest tours, fun and recreation activities that this area has to offer.

Until now our team has created the company logo and social media profiles but we have a lot more work to do. We are sure of the success of this project because it is a valuable service that every future visitor of Australia will benefit from. Our company goal is to help the end-user and with this project we are achieving just that!


Designing a decent and memorable logo is of much importance in today’s business world. Since Tripcio is aimed at both regional and international tourists it had to include a global symbol that is known to everybody. This is why incorporating the well-known map pointer was a big step towards brand recognition and we believe we’ve accomplished it successfully.


Creating a landing page is a reliable way to gather prospect customers before the full website is online. This strategy was adopted by Tripcio as the full website will be completed later in 2019 and for now only its landing page is visible. In it you can subscribe to their newsletter and receive interesting information on what does Australia offer, and what are Tripcio’s future plans.


Tripcio will be an all Australian tourism portal with loads of features. Modern websites of such type depend heavily on social media and Tripcio is no exception. We’ve already created their social media pages and are posting beautiful images, curious facts about tourist attractions and other interesting content. Once the full website is online we will just inform all their followers on the launch date.

The Process

Our experience in the field taught us what the vital steps for successful execution of this project are:


You can see the result of our work in concrete statistics for Tripcio bellow: