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If You Are Not an IT Specialist – ‘We Can Fix Anything’ Will Help You to Look Like One!

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Project Description

As people who have a big interest in the technological area we essentially like to work on more tech projects. Probably this is why it was a great pleasure to be employed by the ‘We can Fix Anything’.

‘We can Fix Anything’ is a company that offers a variety of IT services that will help you in time of need. They offer IT support and services that include network, booting and software problem solving, virus and spyware removal and IT trainings. They will help in setting up your network or hardware as well as repairing your laptops, mobile devices or even gaming console. Basically, they are a valuable contact that can always come in handy and this is why we wanted to work on this assignment.

We developed a responsive CMS design for their website that is perfectly accessible from all kinds of devices and screens. We worked on their payment method integrations and ticket support systems so that their operations work seamlessly. We wanted to include as many payment methods as possible because we don’t want to cause any difficulties to their customers. We also worked on their digital marketing as we wanted to advertise broadly with quality materials and modern approaches.

We were happy to participate in this useful project!


As ‘We can Fix Anything’ are offering a wide selection of services it was definitely a challenge to organize their ticket support system. All customer queries had to be organized and placed in the correct database, so that the correct people can be assigned and work on the particular problem. We think that in the end we executed this task flawlessly.


We had to sit down with the owners of ‘We can Fix Anything’ to clear out the concept of our mutual work. We requested to know all the services they offered because this was essential in order to build a website with a good UX design. Just after we knew all the details we were able to continue with the rest of our work.


It was essential to understand what their general business goals are so we can adapt a customized marketing strategy according to them. Both sides agreed that this is a valuable group of services that has to be accessible to a wide range of customers. This is why we had to create marketing materials that are alluring for most of the prospect customers.

The Process

Our experience in the field taught us what the vital steps for successful execution of this project are:


You can see the result of our work in concrete statistics for We Can Fix Anything bellow: