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Heat your Home in the Most Eco-friendly Way

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Project Description

Environmental protection is important and no community should be indifferent. The private business sector should do its share to save the planet and we’re glad that we are part of this movement. Probably it sounds more glorious than it is, but our mutual work with Yandiya Autralia is actually making a difference.

Yandiya Australia is a vendor that offers Infrared Heating Panels. These panels are producing a completely natural form of heat with a 100% natural energy conversion. They generate no CO2 emissions, reduce your home’s carbon footprint and are made from 100% recyclable materials. Not to mention that they are very efficient and can save up to 65% of your heating bill. All models are developed to comply with Australian standards and are free of maintenance and servicing.

We pride ourselves on being a company that is involved in saving the planet. We enjoy working on eco projects and are glad that we did so much work for Yandiya. Our team developed a custom Shopify theme that suits their online store needs and helped them with eCommerce advises and good practices. We designed the logo, wrote all the website content and improved their social media pages, SEO and Adwords campaigns. Products like this should be popularized globally and we are doing just that!


For some people Infrared heating sounds dangerous but the fact is that it’s a totally healthy way of heating. We had to assure our prospect clients that infrared heating is a safe and efficient way of warming through our content writing. We created a special page with facts and benefits about infrared heating and it seems to work as sales numbers are excellent.


Yandiya’s products are very impressive and we had to approach our tasks with care and creativity. Every Infrared panel has both technical and visual specifications, we had to include a Review and a Question and Answer section. We followed the good practices in web design and believe that we came up with a nice layout that doesn’t look too heavy.


Online sales depend heavily on excellent SEO and Adwords campaigns. As a company with loads of experience in web marketing we know what had to be done and executed it without any compromises. In addition we had to re-write some product descriptions to include popular keywords that will boost Yandiya’s rank in Google.

The Process

Our experience in the field taught us what the vital steps for successful execution of this project are:


You can see the result of our work in concrete statistics for Yandiya bellow: