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Shopify Development

At eCom Biz we pride ourselves on our Shopify web store development service. We’ll be glad to develop your store from scratch, customize a specific theme or set up your payment gateways for a great customer experience.

Our web developers create beautiful responsive designs to all our web stores as mobile purchases have never been more important. We are aware of the benefits that the Shopify platform brings to every eCommerce and we invite and help our clients to get the most out of them.

Google Adwords. SEM Campaigns Made Simple.

Creating a profitable Google AdWords or SEM campaign is not as easy as it sounds. If you’ve never worked with web advertising, appointing a professional is the best way not to pour your money down the drain. We will set up your Google Ads Account and based on our know-how will pick the ideal campaign topic, ad groups and keywords.

Our SEM campaign service will definitely ease your life as SEM has evolved and is far more complicated nowadays. PPC, QS, CTR or negative keywords – leave everything to us!

Email Marketing

Connecting with your visitors is of most importance in today’s business. We offer automated email marketing campaigns that are created especially for your brand and are targeted for the specific audience.

With our email marketing campaign you can notify your prospects about product releases and promotions, remind them about an abandoned cart or just send them an order confirmation. Use clever email marketing campaigns to turn prospects into customers and increase your profit drastically.

Web Analysis. SEO Analysis Service.

Proper analysis is vital for every eCommerce. In order to stay competitive every online shop needs to adapt to the interests and preferences of their audience. At eCom Biz we perform a throughout analysis on your content, marketing strategy and client behavior and share insights.

We provide Google Analytics, Reporting and SEO services, custom dashboard creation, software setup and campaign analytics services. We offer everything needed for improved site conversion and paying customer’s growth.

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